Contest Information 2023

UPDATE 05.05.23

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# Flying field

# Flight tasks and Draw Table

You can find the draw table here.

For a detailed description of each flight task, refer to the official FAI document.

Round Flight task
Round Flight task
01 Task F (3 out of 6)
02 Task A (Last flight)
03 Task I (Three longest flights)
04 Task C (All up, last down)
05 Task E (Poker - variable target time)
06 Task H (One, two, three and four minute target flight times, any order)
07 Task D (Two flights)
08 Task L (One flight)
09 Task J (Three last flights)
10 Task B (Next to last and last flight)
11 Task E (Poker - variable target time)
12 Task L (One flight)
13 Task D (Two flights)

# Schedule



Time Description
14:00 - Sunset FREE TRAINING
17:30 Registration



Time Description
07:00 Breakfast
07:30 Registration
08:00 Pilot briefing
09:00 Start of first round
19:00 No new round after this time
20:00 Dinner



Time Description
07:00 Breakfast
08:30 Start of first round
14:00 No new round after this time
15:30 Award ceremony

# List of competitors

Please find the latest list of competitors here.

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